Important thinking to achieve success

3 Most Important Thinking To Achieve Success

Do you know the most important mindsets that people acquire/learn to achieve success in any field they are working?

I know many of you are really confused about the actual meaning of “SUCCESS”. For some, your bank account filled with lots and lots of money is the actual success.

According to me, Mental peace and satisfaction of giving back to the society is the real success.

If you are able to help needy ones at the right time, then you will definitely feel the real fragrance of success.

However, everyone has their own definition of it. Which is actually good. But the real question is, How to achieve that?

Below, I will try to elaborate 3, the most important mindsets that you can acquire or learn and be on the path of achieving your desired success.

1) Fail:

Failing is good if you are learning to achieve success

You will think, this guy is “MAD”. Above, he is talking about achieving success and here starts with “FAIL”. What is the connection?

Its very simple, you see. If you are not willing to fail, then you are not learning. And when you are not learning, you don’t achieve mastery in whatever you are doing.

I will give you a very simple example that I am sure, you all will relate to.

Everyone, in his/her young age, try to learn a bicycle.

Learn to ride a bicycle

Let me ask this, Do you start riding a bicycle in your first attempt?

I know the answer and also can sense, what you all would be thinking. Definitely, you will not be able to ride a bicycle in your first attempt.

But, can you learn it? Sure, you just have to practice it daily for some days till you become comfortable in it. In this course, you might fell down some-time. That’s Okay!

You fail down and think what went wrong

However, This is the only failure that I am trying to point out here.

Now, the most important step that you need to do further is just, when you fell down, try to utilize your brain and think what went wrong here?

You will try to memorize and see a clear picture of what went wrong. Then you promise to yourself, you won’t repeat that mistake again and with full motivation try again to ride.

Then, you again fell down.

But this time not because of the previous one. This time, something else went wrong. Then, you again repeated the same step to see a clear picture of what went wrong and with full motivation again try to ride it.

You might fell down a few more times. But, you take a lesson every time you fell and then by the continuous effort you should be able to learn it.

With more and more practice, it will be in your habit and unconsciously, you will be very much comfortable riding it whenever you need to. Be it today or 20 years later.

2) Discipline:

Discipline help you form a habit. Try to build a good habit.

This is one of the most important mindset, that you need to learn. I am sure, everyone knows about this. However, most of you might not know that “the effort in any direction(good or bad) made with discipline mindset can become a habit”. So try to put your effort to build a good habit and this forms a base of what you will achieve in the long run.

If you build a good habit and continuously practice it for a long time. You become good at whatever you do because of your habit. In the long run, you will see a great change in your attitude. Also, you should be able to accomplish what you desire out of that good habit.

Say for Example you don’t know how to play table-tennis. However, if you desire to learn it. You start practicing it for half an hour daily in the morning. You are consistent and dedicated towards it for a long period of time. Eventually one day you will learn it and be good at it.

Practice daily to be good at playing table tennis.

So, this is how you can build a good habit and try to achieve anything you desire. Try to avoid building bad habits. Because the same rule applies to both kind of habits.

3) Constant Learning:

Constant learning makes you really good at anything.

Another most important mindset that you can acquire is to keep learning on a daily basis. This will keep upgrading your knowledge about what you are practicing continuously. This will help you handle bad situations.

Say for Example You are a software developer in a particular company.

Software Developer
Learn different algorithms and logic

You work there for 2 years and you learned a lot within that period about different algorithms and logic that you can apply flawlessly in any software programming. Now suppose, your company starts firing due to any reason. Most of the employees get panic because they didn’t bother to learn much in their tenure.

However, you are completely chill and have full confidence in yourself. You very well know that you have continuously learned throughout your journey in this company that will help you crack any interview in the market.

This is one of the actual success that you can achieve through continuous/constant learning.

So, I am sure you would have got a complete understanding of the 3 kinds of mindsets that I was trying to explain to you through this article. Please let me know your list of mindsets that have helped you achieve success in your life.

Also, give your feedback if this article has helped you achieve anything in your life.

We will meet in another article. Until then take care. Keep getting inspired and achieve the desired scream of your dream.

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