Exercise daily to be motivated

In my first article, I talked about exercise daily and two other simple ways to practice for self-motivation. I highly recommend you to read it first.

Now I am going a little deeper about exercising daily. I will jot down four powerful benefits that you can experience in the course of time if you exercise daily.

I will also jot down four reasons due to which you fail to exercise daily.

  1. Feel refresh:
    Image indicate feel fresh.
    Feeling fresh

    Oh, wait! What did you just read? Now, you will tell, this guy is insane! I mean who doesn’t know that?

    But let me ask you this, after knowing it for so long, what is that one reason, that is stopping you to exercise.

    Please give your answers in the comment section below and I will try to provide a simple way to avoid it and start your exercise.

    By the way, when you exercise in the morning it brings your body in actionable mode and once you complete it and take shower, you feel completely fresh.

  2. Active mind:
    This image indicate active mind
    Active Mind

    Definitely, when you exercise and put your body to work then you are also giving your mind space to think. Your mind becomes sharper and sharper gradually. You find new ways to exercise and make adjustments and take decisions based on your understanding during the course. So, you actually come up with your own exercising schedule and this is completely based upon your understanding of different exercising techniques that your mind has learned and allowed your body to adapt.

  3. Flexible Body:

    This image indicate flexible body
    Flexible body

    When you exercise, one thing you would have definitely noticed that your body becomes very flexible. This is due to the repetition of body part’s movement you do in different exercises.

  4. Good Sleep:


    Lastly, thanks to the exercise, you get good and regular sleep in the night. You don’t have to push hard for an hour or so on the bed to sleep. This is because you get tired due to exercise and long day work which helps you to sleep within ten to fifteen minutes only.

Now, I will list down some reasons that restrict you not to exercise and try to help you get over them.

i) Your self-belief:

This image indicate your self belief about being fat
Your Self Belief

I know most of you think that you are too fat and do look ugly. You think you can never be able to transform yourself. Believe me guys, I have put on weight twice earlier and was able to reduce and get into shape both the times. You should not think of the present situation. You should always think of the end results for the amount of effort, you are putting into getting in shape.

Yes, you are doing great and will definitely be one of the most handsome guy or most beautiful girl in town.

This image indicate handsome guy and beautiful girl
Handsome guy and beautiful girl

ii) Family Tension:

This image indicate family tension
Family Tension

If your family goes through a difficult situation. You won’t even think of getting into that “Exercising” zone. Because you are demotivated and your mind always forces you not to do any activity.

But do you know, exercising is one of the most powerful ways you can be physically and mentally strong and be good at handling any kind of situation? In my opinion “a healthy mind and body can achieve anything that is desired”

iii) Your Laziness:

This is a lazy boy or relax boy picture
Lazy Boy

Bro! Today I am not in a mood to go to the gym. Let’s start tomorrow. This is how you react when you think of exercising and you are too lazy to do it.

Believe me, friends, you should always keep pushing yourself from inside to go to the gym or even work out at least for an hour at home. Because, once you put on some weight around your waist, your body itself is not responsive and will always restrict you to even start exercising. So, it’s always better to give your body some high-intensity movement in a day at least for an hour. Be it jogging, brisk walking or working out in the gym. You will see great results and yes, you will not be lazy anymore.

This indicate energy or energetic person

iv) Urgent personal engagement:

This indicate Illness

You all know that you can achieve anything in life if your body and mind are fit.
Because, if you are very ill then you cannot do anything and are bound to be on bed-rest.  Therefore, to avoid that situation, you should always try to maintain your best shape.

Exercising helps you maintain that.

No engagements are more important than your health. You can always try to adjust your time according to your personal engagements.

Suppose, you do your exercise daily between 6 to 7 am. In the night, you came to know that the next morning at 6:30 am you have to get ready for your trip to Shimla.

So here is what you should do. You should try to sleep an hour early and try to wake up a little early.

Exercise for at least half an hour at your home rather than a full hour. This will help you keep momentum and not break your routine.

You can continue the same for the time period you are at Shimla 😊

This indicate home exercise
Home Exercise

Hope above benefits and tips would have encouraged you to get out of your lethargic mode and push yourself to hit the gym or work-out for at-least an hour at your home. If you continue and make it a habit, I am sure it will help you become the best version of yourself.

Please let me know in the comment section below if I have missed any specific point that you want me to cover in my next article.

Keep reading and sharing it with your family and friends if you like this article and we will meet in the next one. Take Care!

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