Story of a Passionate Dancer !

Dancing is my passion, Arun said once ! while having a sip of coffee with me on a rainy morning.

It’s of no use if you don’t practice it daily and become best in it, I said.

Further, I said, you always work late in the office and as far as I have observed, you don’t love it and do it forcefully.

After thinking little, Arun in his low voice agreed to it.

Then I said, please don’t waste your time in office. You should always try to complete your pending work on-time and practice your dance at-least for an hour daily.

This will keep you motivated for both, your office work and your dance. Because dancing is not your hobby, it’s your passion. You will feel happy from the inside when you do it.

Don’t let this passion die !!

Today, I feel proud of him and very happy to see him when he performs on the stage 🙂

You all should work for your passion. Don’t let it die, be it anything. Try to work towards it parallel to what is necessary for you to survive. I am sure you will see great results in both.

All the very best!

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