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3 simple tips to get self motivated

Best tips to self-motivate

Everyone in this world has some dreams to achieve. Some are very strongly self-motivated to achieve them and some are less. Today I am going to give you some tips that you can practice on a daily basis to motivate yourself every day in order to achieve anything in life.

To start with let me push a thought into your mind.

Who doesn’t want to get success in their life?

For that, he/she needs to work hard always in a right direction. But do you know, why only a few people can achieve the desired success and many in the race can’t?

The reason is, some people always get motivated to achieve the desired success and others are depressed because of numerous reasons.

I will list down three powerful tips that you can practice daily and gets self-motivation all the time.

  1. Wake up in the morning with a smile: I know this sounds weird but believe me when you start your day with a smiling face, you are actually sending a signal to your unconscious mind to keep this smile for the whole day. Your mind will start working towards all those possible options which will keep that “smile” on your face throughout the day.It will force you all the time to do only such things, that keep you motivated for that smile. No matter what you do and how you do, you will always find happiness in it.

    And the work done with the happy mind can bring out great results. I am sure everyone would agree with that.

  2. Try to exercise for at least half an hour in the morning: Now you will say, what new are you telling to me?

    We all know that exercising is a very good habit. We should always start our day with it, but how many of you do that?

    You always make excuses for not exercising.So here my above first tip will help you keep motivated and at-least give you a push to go for exercise.

    Once you start it and keep doing for 10 minutes, you would want to continue it for another 20 to 30 minutes.

    I am sure after that when you will take shower and go to work, you will feel much better and self-motivated for whatever task you are going to do.

    You will put all your heart into the different tasks that you are going to do for the whole day. This will eventually make you satisfied with whatever you do and keep that smiling face throughout the day.

  3. Try to change all your negative thinking into positive: Now you will say, we all know that we have to be positive all the time.

    But many of you don’t know, most of the time you are struggling with fear of something bad that should not happen to you.I will tell you one most important thing that you need to remember and keep chanting always.

    You just have to say this to your mind, soul or whoever you talk to inside.

    Don’t worry, everything will be alright.

    Please keep a focus on the current work you are doing with your complete attention towards it.  This will help you be self-motivated.

    I am sure you would have suggested this to anyone you would have found in trouble ever. However, believe me, when you say this to your mind continuously, it unconsciously keeps it and works for it.

    Your mind will force you to make all the decisions which will not put you in trouble. If by accident you make any decision because of which you are feeling troublesome, it will always show you a path to get out of it.


I am sure my above 3 tips have made some sense to you. Hope they keep you motivated always in order to make you successful in your life.

Please let me know if the above-mentioned tricks help you in any way through your messages. Also, provide your inputs about which topics you all want me to write more.

Thanks for reading and hope to connect with you in another article. Take care!

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